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About H4H

Taking back your rights, and forging a better direction that benefits our hunting traditions.

Our Mission is to protect our rights, hunting traditions, and our wild game, for hunters, landowners, sportsmen and women, through:

  • Directly and indirectly influencing and challenging public policy
    regarding wildlife management and governmental regulation.

  • Education of best practices.

  • Hunter Recruitment

  • Creating public awareness.

  • Holding our agencies accountable.

Our Goal

Our goal is to secure our future in the outdoors and the management of our resources. We have a constitutional right to hunt and fish in Minnesota, and our plan is to fully realize those rights. Through proper policy and wildlife management, hunters and Landowners will secure our outdoor heritage and traditions, as well as maintain our property values, and land access.


While we are starting in Minnesota, we are hoping to expand to other states to continue our mission for sportsmen's rights! 

Meet The Board of Directors

Our Sponsors

Want to be a corporate sponsor? Text or call 218-526-0318
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