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H4H Updates 12-26-23

Hello members of Hunter's for Hunters. We are so happy to have you as a part of this brand new and exciting team!

We have been so busy! We have already held events in Squaw Lake, International Falls, Carlton, Aurora, Coleraine, Longville and Foley! We now have events scheduled as follows:

1) December 29th, Detroit Lakes

2) January 6th, Newfolden

3) January 11th, Nisswa.

4) January 12, Little Falls

5) January 13th, Isle

6) January 15th, Bagley

7) January 16th, Wadena

8) January 21, St. Cloud

To see all the details about the events check our website:

Our first and primary goal when starting this club was to bring the wolf problem into the media spotlight, and WE have done exactly that!

Every time we have an event, it is the large number of people attending that brings in the politicians and the media. We have had our events covered by many different media sources, and the articles have been picked up and reprinted by different media sources all over MN, WI and the Country! We cannot even imagine what it would have cost us financially to try and spread this message in so many media outlets, and because of "all of you" showing up in big numbers, we received all of the media attention for free!

We have had U.S. Congressman, State Senators, and State Representatives attend our meetings. These politicians are attending our events and are listening to us as we explain our firsthand eyewitness accounts of wolf devastation.

If you come across an article that covers what we are doing, please feel free to email it back to Hunters for Hunters, as we don't always see every news story. We will then try to share all of these articles back with our H4H membership. The news articles are good way to reflect on the work that WE are getting done. It does take a lot of time and energy, and our movement would be nothing without our H4H members. So, thank you!

Please continue to work at spreading the word and seeking to help us grow our membership. People can easily sign up as members on our website, and they can also fill out our membership form and send in a check. If you need a membership form to hand out, please let us know, and we will email you a form to print off.

Together, WE will have a voice!

Thank you,

Dillan Porter


Hunters For Hunters

Links to be aware of!


We have established a Facebook group to track all wolf sightings in MN and the surrounding states, please join that group and share your photos! On the photos please include the Date and location of the photo.



Be sure to follow us on Facebook!



We also have an online forum and blog on our website, if you signed up at one of our meetings please email us at to get logged into our online members section.



We also have added a donations button on our website, that can be found here!



If you wish to mail us a donation you can do so at


Hunters for Hunters

P.O. Box 2

Marcell, MN 56657

Thank you for your support, and together WE will have a voice!

Dillan Porter,

H4H Board Chair

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I've been a member since your group came to Carlton, MN. Do you have any stickers, ect.....

Dillan Porter
Dillan Porter
Dec 27, 2023
Replying to

We are almost to that point, we have run into snags with the official logo several times now, but it is at the forefront of our discussions. We are hoping to have that done before the end of January!

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