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Our Stance

While there are many issues to be addressed when it comes to sportsmens rights, the first one we are addressing and working on is the unmanaged wolf population. 

In the future we will be looking at other issues, but this is our main focus at this time.

Wolf Management

Hunters for Hunters wants wolf population control across its entire range of Minnesota and the great lakes region. Wolves should be balanced like any other species, requiring management in order to preserve and grow the abundance of the wolf’s prey species; deer and moose, for the betterment of the hunting community. Currently, the state of Minnesota is not engaging in any form of management, endangering our hunting traditions, and using the Endangered Species Act to not engage the Unites States Fish and Wildlife Service and other states in the effort to remove this recovered species from the Endangered Species Act in the Great Lakes region.

As hunters, we should all demand:

  • The Federal Government delist wolves in the Great Lakes Region as an endangered species.

  • The Minnesota Governor immediately issue an emergency order directing the MN DNR to assist in the federal delisting effort.

  • That the Minnesota legislature pass a law directing the DNR to hold a wolf hunting and trapping season across its range.

  • The DNR Manage the wolf population to the target goal of 1600 wolves listed in the Minnesota "Wolf Management Plan" in order to save our deer and moose populations.

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